$15,000 USD

If you need support throughout your writing and publishing journey, you've come to the right place.


The Full-Service Book-Building System is for authors who are just starting the process of writing and self-publishing a book and who want the security of having a publishing professional on their team throughout their journey. I'll be your guide every step of the way and will help you with any and all of these tasks:

  • Getting ideas

  • Turning an idea into an outline

  • Creating an overall structure for your book

  • Fleshing out characters

  • Worldbuilding

  • Overcoming writer's block

  • Figuring out why something "just isn't working" (even if you don't know exactly what that something is)

  • Forming a convincing argument

  • Plotting out a storyline

  • Fixing slow or boring sections

  • Planning your next book

  • Checking and fixing character arcs, plot, structure, logic, argument, supporting evidence, etc. (developmental editing)

  • Checking and fixing flow, tone, cohesion, diction, etc., in the manuscript (line/substantive editing)

  • Checking and fixing grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. (copyediting)

  • Checking for typos (proofreading)

  • Finding an illustrator (if applicable)

  • Finding a cover and/or book-interior designer

  • Choosing a self-publishing service (such as Smashwords, Amazon KDP, IngramSpark, etc.)

  • Formatting your manuscript

  • Getting your book set up on your chosen platform (uploading the manuscript, filling out the metadata, etc.)

  • Finding a book-marketing specialist


Of course, each writer and each manuscript is different. But in general, here's how it works:

Phase 1: Coaching

  • You and I have regular one-hour calls to discuss whatever is on your mind about your manuscript.

  • I help you narrow down your target audience and tailor your writing to them.

  • I help you structure your plot (for fiction) or argument (for nonfiction).

  • I help you plan your characters' arcs and development.

  • I help you develop the fictional world of your story and flesh out details such as government, social structure, geography, climate, supernatural elements (e.g., magic), and so on.

Phase 2: Editing

  • I perform the developmental editing in Microsoft Word with Track Changes on.

  • I write you a summary of any patterns of issues I’ve found.

  • We have a one-hour phone chat to review the patterns and resolve any big questions.

  • You take up to one week to make the major revisions.

  • I review and incorporate your changes and perform the substantive editing.

  • I subcontract the copyediting and proofreading to other professional editors so you have multiple sets of eyes on your manuscript.

  • I review the copyeditor's and the proofreader's work and run your manuscript through several automated checkers to catch any errors that have slipped through.


Phase 3: Self-Publishing

  • You and I hammer out what you're looking for in illustrations (if applicable) and cover and interior designs.​

  • I help you find illustrators and/or designers. If we can't find the right person for you among my contacts, I'll help you find someone else.

  • I help you choose which self-publishing service(s) to use, such as Smashwords, Amazon, IngramSpark, etc.

  • I either format the manuscript for upload myself (if I’m familiar with the platform) or have the designer do it.

  • I upload the formatted manuscript to your chosen platform and fill out the metadata required by that platform (author name, genre, etc.)

  • I help you find a marketer for your book. If we can't find the right person for you among my contacts, I'll help you find someone else.

Throughout the process, you can email me whenever you have questions. If a question is too big or complex to answer in an email, we'll schedule a Zoom call to talk about it.