When I was a kid, my family had a tradition of picking apples and canning homemade applesauce every fall. Well, we did until a day when everyone else was at school/work and a certain brother who shall remain nameless was helping Mom make the applesauce. They were using a Victorio strainer (a more complicated version of this model), and said brother accidentally knocked it off the counter. Applesauce went all over the kitchen, including on the ceiling. Thus ended the tradition!

So, as an adult, I've had to come up with ways to make applesauce on my own. My current favorite method is using an Instant Pot, which requires you to core the apples first. In the process, I discovered a solution to a problem I've struggled with for years.

You know how sometimes when you use an apple corer, you end up with pieces of the core still in each slice because the core isn't quite straight? It drives me crazy, especially when I'm having to core three pounds of apples for each batch of sauce.

But somehow I discovered that you can avoid a lot of that by pushing the corer through from the bottom of the apple instead of from the top. (Maybe that's not news to you, but it was to me.) I don't know why, but it works so much better!

My new coring technique: bottoms up

That discovery inspired today's prompt:

What cool life hack(s) have you discovered recently?

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