$1,000 USD per MONTH


This service is for writers who don’t have a finished manuscript yet and who need ongoing help with any of these things:

  • Getting ideas

  • Turning an idea into an outline

  • Creating an overall structure for your book

  • Fleshing out characters

  • Worldbuilding

  • Overcoming writer’s block or getting unstuck

  • Figuring out why something “just isn’t working” (even if you don’t know exactly what that something is)

  • Forming a convincing argument

  • Plotting out a storyline

  • Fixing slow or boring sections

  • Planning your next book


Of course, each writer and each manuscript is different. But in general, here’s how it works:

  • You and I have regular one-hour calls (up to four times per month) to discuss whatever is on your mind about your manuscript. Here are some possible topics:

        • Narrowing down your target audience and tailoring your writing to them

        • Structuring your plot (for fiction) or argument (for nonfiction)

        • Working out character arcs and development

        • Developing the fictional world of your story and fleshing out details such as government, social structure, geography, climate, supernatural elements (e.g., magic), and so on.

  • You can email me anytime with smaller questions. If a question is too big to answer in an email, we’ll schedule a call instead.