"The authors are thrilled with the edit! You knocked it out of the park! So fortuitous that it went to you with your background."

Senior Editor and Project Manager, Eschler Editing

“Candice was extremely thorough with my work and made excellent suggestions. She quickly helped me transform it from average to way clearer. If you are seeking a highly skilled, thorough editor for any piece of writing, I highly recommend Candice!”

Book Designer

"Candice is an excellent copyeditor. She's thorough and pays attention to detail."

Executive Editor, Gryphon House, Inc.

"Candice . . . proved highly skilled at checking sources, quotes, and scriptures, working tirelessly on several extremely complicated projects, including Women of Faith, Perfect Brightness of Hope, and Doing What We Came to Do.

"Candice was a very careful worker with a keen eye for detail. She asked good questions and would be a valuable addition to any organization."

Assistant Editor, Deseret Book Company

"I can't remember who did the source checking for me on Doing What We Came to Do, but I wanted to thank her so much for the excellent work! It was a bear of a job, and the source checker was complete, thorough, and remarkably resourceful. Truly, she saved me hours of trying to track stuff down with the (80-year-old) author. I can’t thank her enough! Please pass my gratitude along."

Editor, Deseret Book Company