$100 USD per hour


Consultations are one-off, one-hour phone or video calls in which you get my one-on-one, undivided attention to address topics such as these:

  • Figuring out a certain scene or chapter

  • Developing the details of your magic system

  • Mapping character arcs

  • Filling out a beat sheet

  • Defining your setting

  • Fleshing out backstory that's important to the plot

  • Choosing a self-publishing platform

  • Anything else that's on your mind about your writing

If you need regular calls over a period of one month or longer, check out my book-coaching services instead.


You and I get on a phone call, video chat, or whatever communication mechanism you prefer and discuss any questions or concerns you have. It can be about anything related to writing or self-publishing. For that hour, I’m at your disposal.

For example, here are some things I’ve helped past clients with on these calls:

  • Figuring out a story’s setting

  • Deciding how “magic” (for lack of a better term) functions in the book

  • Developing an insignia for the cult that the book’s villains belong to

  • Hashing out the protagonist’s past relationship with the antagonist

  • Developing the backstory for the events of the book